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Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation means that individuals receive coaching and direction in the continuous process of transformation of their person and their relationship to God with the goal of always growing closer to God’s heart and into Christ likeness. All areas of our life and being are involved in this holistic process.


In the process of mentoring individuals we share our life experience in order to support, strengthen, and promote the God-given potential of a person’s life.


Debriefing will give individuals the opportunity to reflect on experiences from a certain distance, to verbalize, to process, and to learn from them. As a result, individuals will return to the mission field or will transition into a new season of life relieved of burdens and strengthened.


Supervision offers support for individuals, teams, and organizations to reflect their job-related actions and structures. The emphasis is on understanding organizational structures, creative thinking, and the development of new perspectives.


Re-Integration supports persons that are returning to their former environment or transitioning into a new one and helps them settle in their new normal. We offer them a platform to reflect on their experiences, to process them, and to integrate them into the new season of their life.


Coaching helps persons recognize connections in complex questions and offers them assistance in finding specific solutions for personal questions with their own resources.

Resilience Counseling

Resilience counseling supports individuals and organizations in developing their ability to learn and grow from conflict and crisis situations and to come out of them more resilient and better prepared for future challenges.


Training is used to impart knowledge and techniques and to support the implementation of certain topics in specific environments through guidance and practical application.


Our mediation as a neutral party helps conflict parties find mutual solutions for their conflict.

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